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Zack/ Aerith
shimotsukinosan wrote in 10shootingstars
Title: Anathema: phase 2 reminise
Author/Artist: shimotsukinosan
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
Claim: Zack/Aerith
Theme: #2 Deja Vu
Rating: K
Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy, Nor Kingdom Hearts
Warning(s): None

I ended up writing this one set in Kingdom Hearts 2, after finishing the game. The Conversation between Aeirth and Cloud.

phase2: reminisce

Is something wrong?” She wouldn't let this happen again, no not this time. She had to intervein this time, he needed to know people cared, that his friends and family where behind him. No matter who much he told them to stay away, back off, it wasn't just his fight, it was theirs also.

Uhh...” Sora, Donald and Goofy turned to her, but she never looked at them, acknowledged their existence. She had her eyes set on him, maybe Leon wouldn't stop him, and Yuffie told her repeatedly that he would not stop and listen, she had to try.

He turned away, hiding his face from her in shame and pushed off the wall, walking away. He couldn't look at her, she had already given up so much before, he had to do this for himself, for Aerith, for his friends and especially for him. He had given everything for them, sacrificed himself for their safety only to be slain at the hand of his best friend. This insipid fight was more than proving who was stronger, it was revenge for what had been taken prematurely.

Cloud turned swiftly, “It's nothing.” She leaned in frowning slightly. Who was he to try and lie to her? She most likely knew what was going to happen, and even if she didn't the way she looked at him, as if she could read his soul, was enough. To her, Cloud Strife was nothing more than an open book and she would use this to her advantage taking the information she needed from him. He leaned back, away from her as if her coming closer would harm him, “I don't want you involved.” He tried to defend himself. Many a time Cloud had seen this happen before, only it wasn't him that was being accosted, it was him. It felt much better back then. Now he had the task of looking at her, watching the sadness and loneliness swell in her eyes.

She pulled back, resting her chin on her hand, looking away in thought. Its happening....she blinked a few times, no, not again, I won't lose you too. “You mean,” she glanced up, “you don't want me there when you go away again?”

I just--” Cloud fell silent, he had to do this. He had promised he would take care of her, protect her from the pain of loss that she had to endure for the last few years. Silence had fallen between them, Aerith waiting for Cloud's reason to leave, and Cloud, trying to search for something to say. “Listen, even if I go far away. I'll come back.” I'll bring him too...

A small smile tugged at her lips, “Do you mean it?”

Cloud looked away, he couldn't make this promise, but he had to give her something. “Yeah.” No, maybe...I'll try.

Aerith's smile dropped. “See, you don't look so sure.” Cloud looked down at the ground, an where but her. She would be his downfall, he had to do this, this was his duty, he had made that promise and he would avenge his friend. Aerith looked at his sadly. “Well, okay. I understand.” Did she? No, long ago she had stopped fighting, she stood on the side lines now, helping them in their cause. She was there to support them. “Go-- get things settled.”

Huh?” Cloud looked back at her, she was really going to let him go? What made it so much easier this time?

No matter how far away you are...once you find your light...I'm sure it will lead you back here. Right?” She nodded, I forgive you, will you ever forgive yourself?

I suppose.”

So I'll stay here – and I'll cheer for you-- Okay Cloud?”

Okay” We'll come back. Together.

Aerith nodded, watching the young swordsman as he walked off, down the steps of the marketplace. Sora, Donald and Goofy walked over, standing beside her confused.

Aerih crossed her arms in thought 'Wonder if he'll be okay...” Watch over him...

Sora nodded, “He'll be fine. I'm sure theres some light in him somewhere.”

Your right...” I never doubt him. He's so much like you. Ready to fade in the blink of an eye.