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shimotsukinosan wrote in 10shootingstars

Title: Beautiful: Home
Author/Artist: shimotsukinosan
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
Claim: Aerith G. and Zack F.
Theme: #7: Wish
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy 7
Warning(s): none


Aerith huffed, climbing up the moonlit hill, her skirts gathered in an attempt to keep them from getting dirty. She faltered her foot slipping on a rock that projected from the side of the hill, and there went the skirts she had tried so hard to keep crisp, the rose and cream now covered with grass stains. She let out a frustrated sigh and hauled herself back up, she would hear it from her mother later on when she returned home, but now, it was just her and Zack.

She looked up, Zack was already at the top of the hill, clearing the area of rubble, fanning a blanket out before laying it down and smoothing any bumps from it. She didn't know why they had to come all the way from Midgar to a lone hill near the chocobo ranch there where no stars out, and the full moon was rising in the distance. However, she was with Zack, and one didn't question him much, you where liable to get some strange answer.

That must have been why she loved him, he was different from the other guys, well at least Tseng. He was nice and gentle, not pushy like many men in Midgar, a tad childish compared to men she had seen; but that might have been his way of dealing with the pressures of working for ShinRa. Most of all Zack was trustworthy and would never let any harm befall Aerith.

Don't want to miss it do we?” Zack smiled at her taking her hand in his, leading her safely to the top. Aerith glanced about, it seemed they where not the only ones that had traveled to the hill that night. Every where there where couples, many gathered down by the beach.


Shh....” He turned his back on the young flower girl, shuffling around behind her. Aerith sat down on the blanket, waiting for whatever had brought them out to this hill by the beach with hundreds of other couples on the night of the full moon. “Make a wish.”

What?” She glanced up at him eying the large paper lantern he held in his hands. He smiled as she stood up facing him, “Uh, okay, I”

Close your eyes and don't say it out loud. It won't come true.” Aerith nodded, closed her eyes and took the lantern as Zack handed it to her. A smiled graced her lips as she held it up, allowing it to join the others as they glided threw the sky like shooting stars.

            Together atop the hill they stood; the handsome young knight, and beside him, surrounded by his loving arms and the stars that drifted threw the heavens, was the beautiful princess.

Maybe wishes do come true.


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